Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal and Jimmy Fallon Performed a Sequel to ‘Who’s On First?’ (VIDEO)

Don’t hit play on the video above if you aren’t familiar with “Who’s on First?” — perhaps the most important (and funniest) comedy routine of all time, made famous by Abbott and Costello in the 1930s.

On last night’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon, his announcer Steve Higgins and head writer A.D. Miles enlisted the help of two of the giants of comedy, Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Crystal, to perform a sequel to “Who’s on First?”.

And it was glorious. Apart from the extended applause for Seinfeld, which kind of threw off the rhythm (do we all really still love Seinfeld that much? He’s done barely anything of note in the last decade or so, and he kind of seems like a dick now), the updated name-confusion routine was sharp, snappy and really, really funny.

And, more importantly, it really preserved the tone and character of the original. It didn’t feel like a sequel for the sake of a sequel — it was the perfect homage, performed by guys who you can just tell have a great reverence for the comedians who came before them. You could just imagine Abbott and Costello onstage with a few of their contemporaries, performing it exactly as Fallon and crew wrote it.

Of course, now that the sequel has been a success, you just know that someone out there is thinking of how to make a third one and turn it into a trilogy.

Photo credit: NBC

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