Manolith’s Most Popular Posts of 2012

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The end of 2012 is upon us (and most of us are still alive), so it’s time to do what every other lazy, self-congratulatory publication does: look back at the year that was.

Some stuff happened this year that was actually kind of cool, if you can believe it. So the Manolith crew wrote about that stuff — and forcefully inserted sexual innuendo and largely unfunny jokes into our copy. And you read some of our articles (a lot of them!).

Below, we run down Manolith’s most popular posts from 2012. Won’t you take a trip down memory lane with us?

10. The iPhone 5 is the Most Disappointing iPhone Ever

The iPhone 5 kinda sucks and we wrote all about it. Judging by your comments, some of you agreed and some of you really, really disagreed.

9. Kate Middleton’s Tight Jeans Are the Best Story of the Olympics So Far (PHOTOS)

Little did we know that we would all have the chance to see Kate in the buff in the very near future. We were so innocent back in August! For those who prefer the Duchess of Cambridge to look a bit classier (and a bit assier), this post is for you.

8. Model Melissa Stetten Live Tweets a Pathetic Pickup Attempt by Married Actor Brian Presley

If you missed this incredibly riveting tale of celebrity douchebaggery and failure on a plane, go back and read it now. You won’t regret it (unless you’re Brian Presley’s wife).

7. Celebrities Who Lost or Gained the Most Weight for Movie Roles (INFOGRAPHIC)

Find out who’s the reigning champ of bulking up to insane levels of swole and then shedding so much weight he looks like a zombie. And then doing it all over again.

6. Putting Toothpaste on Your Nipples, or ‘Toothpasting’, Gets You High, Say Prankers

A 4chan classic. We still get comments on this post from people insisting that toothpasting is a real thing.

5. The Best Running, Passing and Defensive Plays in ‘Madden 13’

You guys want to win at Madden. We want to help you win. It’s no surprise that this post was so popular.

4. 5 Gorgeous Women In History Who Never Actually Existed

A fascinating look at some of the hottest women you would never have had a chance with — for a different reason than usual.

3. Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Mathers is on Twitter (PHOTOS)

It’s crazy to think about the little girl Eminem rapped about back when he was a thing that people cared about is almost a grown woman now.

2. 4chan Shuts Down Mountain Dew Naming Contest After ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ Gets Most Votes

This story is another one that’s an absolute must-read for those who missed it the first time around (which is most people, because a story about Hitler doing nothing wrong isn’t exactly fodder for the six o’clock news). Find out how close “Mountain Dew Gushin’ Granny” came to actually being a product sold on store shelves.

1. Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photos Cause a Stir

What can we say about this one? Guys love to look at selfies taken by the extremely hot and extremely misguided daughter of the greatest hockey player to ever live.

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