Tony Hawk Photo Controversy: Fatherhood Win or Wipeout?

If a little girl is going to swing from the arms of a skateboarder zooming around an empty concrete swimming pool, her safest bet would be to swing from the arms of Tony Hawk.

But still.

A recent photo depicting exactly this scenario emerged on Instagram this week, and has since been generating its share of Instacriticism.

Check it:

Tony Hawk daughter photo

Photo via Instagram

The child in question is Hawk’s daughter, four-year-old Kadence Clover, who appears to be having a wonderful time despite being saddled with the name Kadence Clover.

But many viewers have lashed out at Hawk, insisting that he put his daughter — who was not wearing a helmet, or even a pair of shoes — in serious danger.

Following a backlash of angry comments, and a backlash-backlash of supportive comments, Hawk responded indignantly by posting this photo:

Tony Hawk daughter

Photo via Instagram

Below the second picture, he posted the following message: “For those that say I endanger my child: it’s more likely that you will fall while walking on the sidewalk than I will while skating with my daughter.”

He’s almost certainly right. Which is why, from now on, I shall always wear shoes and a helmet when walking on the sidewalk. Thanks, Tony!

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