Tim Tebow Just Dumped His Girlfriend, Is Having a Horrible Week

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It would be hard for this week to get any worse for Tim Tebow.

His New York Jets were beaten by the lowly Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football, and eliminated from playoff contention, in a game where Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez turned the ball over five times and somehow still looked like a more competent quarterback than Tebow.

After the game, the Jets announced they were demoting Sanchez and naming a new starter. Everyone assumed it would finally be Tebow’s time to shine in the Big Apple.

Nope. The Jets decided to leave Tebow as their backup and promote third-stringer Greg McElroy to starter. Ouch.

Then, news emerged that the Jets plan to cut ties with Tebow after the season. Everyone started talking about whether he would even succeed in the CFL. Double ouch.

Now, US Weekly is reporting that things aren’t only bad for Tebow from a professional standpoint, but also a personal standpoint. Reportedly, Tebow and girlfriend Camilla Belle are done.

“It just didn’t work out,” a boring source told US Weekly. Come on! Give us some details!

Is the split amicable? Did Tebow dump Belle, as has been assumed, or was it the other way around? Did Tebow watch some of Belle’s crappy movies, like I Brake For Gringos and The Chumscrubber and realize that, even as a backup quarterback who’s probably not long for the NFL, he can still do better than an F-list actress?

More importantly, is Tebow still a virgin? He’s gotta be, right? He’s said all along that he’s saving himself for marriage. It’s hard to imagine he abandoned his morals, even though Belle is pretty damn attractive:

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