Australia and New Zealand Confirm That the World Didn’t End on December 21 (PHOTOS)

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As of a few hours ago, it’s December 21st in Australia and New Zealand. That means that we now have proof the Mayans were right about the end of the world because that corner of the planet has exploded or snapped off and floated away or something, right?

Not quite.

Reports are flooding in (if three Reddit posts can be considered a flood) from our Foster-drinking, kangaroo-boxing, upside-down friends down under. It turns out they’re enjoying December 21 in peace and non-explodedness.

Reddit user Lachlan_McD posted this image, confirming his or her continued existence (note: it might look upside down to those of us in America, but it looks correct to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere):

Photo credit: Lachlan_McD on Reddit

MillerMan6 chimed in from New Zealand, posting this:

Photo credit: MillerMan6 on Reddit

Slightly more disconcerting is sasquatch92’s contribution, which could be construed as depicting a scene that isn’t nearly as peaceful as those above:

Photo credit: sasquatch92 on Reddit

Still, two out of three ain’t bad, right? You have to like those odds as those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (aka the best hemisphere) inch our way toward December 21.

Besides, your life can’t be in too much danger if you have time to take a picture of your clock and post it to Reddit as your house either burns to the ground in a blaze of hellfire or burns to the ground as a result of a fire that you intentionally set to get some of that sweet, sweet Reddit karma.

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7 Responses to Australia and New Zealand Confirm That the World Didn’t End on December 21 (PHOTOS)

  1. This writer is lame, lame jokes. and all round lame. wow, fire him/her for being so un cool and lame

  2. Oh whatever, cranky, I liked it. Funny stuff.

  3. I’m confused I thought it was supposed to end 2night at 9:11

  4. The world isn’t meant to end til British time tomorrow.

  5. It isn’t supposed to happen until 11:11GMT on the 21st December 2012

  6. This is extremely lame. At the end the author shares a piece of wisdom saying that the Earth spins in a way that the sun shines first in the southern hemisphere. This is ‘Merica!!!

  7. terrible article, you should quit while you’re ahead.