12 Hilariously Unreal Tweets from The Queen

Queen 3D

Photo via Twitter @Queen_UK

This Tuesday, much like every Christmas Day for the past 60 years, Queen Elizabeth will deliver the Royal Christmas Message to her loyal subjects.

Although she is a symbol of enduring tradition amid tumultuous times, the Queen seems determined to shake things up a bit lately.

After debuting as an action star alongside James Bond at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last summer, the 86-year-old monarch is now going to demonstrate her hipness by broadcasting the Royal Christmas Message in 3D. It will be kind of like Avatar (especially given all the blue-haired viewers), but probably with better writing and fewer ham-fisted metaphors.

In her ongoing efforts to remain in pace with the times, it seems inevitable that Queen Elizabeth will someday launch her own Twitter account. Until she does, the amazing parody account @Queen _UK provides nearly one million loyal followers with fictional glimpses into the life and mind of a gin-soaked monarch who’s getting fed up with the whole ruling-the-kingdom schtick.

Here’s a sampling of Twitter proclamations we wish the Queen had actually tweeted:

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