Gerald Henderson Absolutely Posterized Dwight Howard Last Night, Howard May Not Have Noticed (VIDEO)

Dwight Howard, please report to the court.

Oh, you’re on the court? As in, you’re playing in a real NBA game in front of thousands of fans in person and millions more on television? Maybe look like you’re aware of that fact, then. There’s no rule against playing defense in the NBA. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Last night, Gerald Henderson of the Charlotte Bobcats threw down a monster dunk in the face of Howard — to almost no resistance from the Lakers center. Maybe it wasn’t a true posterization because Howard didn’t jump into the air, but that fact makes it even more embarrassing for Howard — he just stood there and let it happen. Not exactly his best moment of the season.

As one of the commentators noted, it looked like Henderson was launched into the air by a trampoline.

Watch the video again and play close attention to the Lakers bench. One of the players stands up, energized by such an incredible dunk. His teammate quickly pulls him back down. You can just imagine him saying “psst… that dude is on the other team.”

The Lakers actually won the game, overcoming an 18-point third-quarter deficit in the process, to hand the Bobcats their 13th straight loss.

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