Street Fighter and Megaman: Together at Last – And for Free! (VIDEO)

Capcom has just released a new 8-bit fighting game called Street Fighter X Megaman — for free. Maybe the company’s trying to compensate for that garbage they called Resident Evil 6.

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Street Fighter X Megaman puts an 8-bit, NES-style spin on two legendary franchises. Megaman was a side-scrolling hit in the old Nintendo Entertainment System days. It was a truly remarkable (though extremely challenging) series spread across six different games.

Street Fighter, however, was not an NES favorite. Its heyday came a generation later, during the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo era. Along with Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter shaped the fighting genre in the years that followed.

The mechanics of this new mash-up are really quite simple: you can run, shoot, slide and jump through stages clearly more reminiscent of Mega Man than Street Fighter. There are also boss battles, which will be familiar to fans of both franchises.

Aside from its price of $0, the best part about the game may be its music. Street Fighter X Megaman features chiptune renditions of Street Fighter favorites. Truly excellent stuff.

At the moment, Street Fighter X Megaman is available only for PC, which kind of sucks (but at least the minimum specifications are, as you might expect, deliciously low). To download the game, click here.

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