Reddit Users to Flood Instagram With Dick Pics on January 16th, Ask 4chan for Help

Photo credit: Quickmeme

So, uh, you might want to stay off Instagram on January 16th.

You might want to stay off Instagram forever, if you’re one of the thousands of users enraged (and/or confused) by Instagram’s new terms of service and the fact misinterpretation that all the photos you upload can now be sold without your consent (and without you getting a dime). That’s not exactly true, actually, and perhaps the only failing of Instagram’s new T.O.S. is that it’s more explicit than other sites’, but try telling that to all the the angry Instagram users. The damage is done. People are pissed off. Some are even threatening to go back to Flickr. Flickr!

And when people get pissed off, they want revenge. And the smart ones get creative in planning that revenge.

That’s exactly what a collection of Reddit users just did. In the screenshot below, you can watch the formation of a great idea in almost real-time (it happened only a few hours ago).

It starts with the seed of the idea, posted by a user named Slurms, and rapidly advances to the germination stage and all then all the way to whatever the final biological stage of plant growth is (you look it up, Mr. Scientist). There’s even the standard declaration that it’s the “Best. Idea. Ever.” This is how OPERATION INSTADICK was born:

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Photo credit: Reddit

First, January 16th is in the distant future. On the Internet, it might as well be next century. It’s quite likely this whole thing will have blown over by next week, let alone next month.

Second, someone suggested asking 4chan for help. That’s not a good idea. Reddit and 4chan are mortal enemies (despite the fact that the Venn diagram of their user bases pretty much looks like a single, regular circle) and 4chan doesn’t exactly take kindly to being asked for help. If Reddit asks 4chan to post dick pics on Instagram, those dick pics are going anywhere but Instagram. Watch out, r/politics.

For those who want to take part, start getting your dick ready. Maybe trim the area. If not, at least take a shower. Then start snapping pics. Save the best ones and upload them to Instagram in January.

And then get laughed at, because you’ll probably be the only one posting pics of his own dick on Instagram.

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