Don’t Watch This Video of a Wrestler Pulling His Own Tooth

Mad Man Pondo

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Look away. Nothing to see here.

Seriously, you should probably check out something else.

How about this cute clip of a kitten dreaming, for instance, or this one of a baby penguin being tickled?

You’re still here?

Last chance to scram.

Fine. You really want to see a video of a wrestler pulling his own tooth, huh? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities in life.

If you insist on watching this video, there are a few things to keep in mind. The clip features a longtime “indie” (read: poorly paid) wrestler named Mad Man Pondo, who has built his reputation for himself over the past couple of decades in the gory subculture of “hardcore” wrestling.

Practically every weekend, Pondo and his opponents carve their flesh in violent (but still scripted) matches involving thumbtacks, barbed wire, light bulbs and assorted other pointy objects, much to the delight of the dozens or hundreds (max) of bloodthirsty fans who pay to see it.

Although he is considered a legend on the “deathmatch” genre of wrestling, Pondo can’t afford proper dentistry.

And since his pain threshold is apparently higher than a robot’s, he decided to remedy a nagging toothache by taking matters into his own hands (and pliers).

Remember the scene from the movie Cast Away, in which the marooned Tom Hanks removes a rotten tooth? Did you cringe during that scene?

If so, why not watch this video of a baby monkey riding on a pig instead?


OK, fine. Watch the damn video of the wrestler pulling his own tooth. Weirdo.

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