This Pigeon Just Wants to Play Some Football, Won’t Leave the Field (VIDEO)

What’s the deal with this pigeon, which landed on the field during this past weekend’s Raiders-Chiefs game in Oakland? Is this pigeon depressed or something? Does it have a death wish?

Or is it just a really bad-ass bird? It just stands there, unfazed and casually pecking at the ground as 250-pound football players run and fall around it. Most birds are scared of tiny noises, yet this one doesn’t give a single f—.

Perhaps the pigeon wants to win a roster spot on the Chiefs’ defense. The 2-12 Chiefs have the worst record in football, so they could probably use the help. The pigeon actually does a pretty good showing blitz and then dropping back into a shallow zone in pass coverage, but its pursuit after the catch is severely lacking. Get after the ball, pigeon!

This isn’t the first time a pigeon has been involved in a play at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. A few years ago, a pigeon flew down the field alongside the players as part of the Raiders’ kickoff coverage team — to the delight of the commentators:

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