Flush Your Crapper From Afar With Bluetooth-Enabled Toilets (VIDEO)

We have the ability to wirelessly control speakers, headphones and even car seats using Bluetooth technology. So where-oh-where are the Bluetooth-enabled toilets?

Photo credit: CNET.com

Priorities, people!

Thankfully, the people of Japan are on the case. There, the firm Lixil has already released commodes that allow smartphone owners to flush everything from human waste to baby crocodiles using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Lixil’s Satis toilet series will reportedly be available for purchase early next year. To take advantage of the technology, Satis owners will need a Bluetooth-enabled Android smartphone equipped with a special downloadable application.

But Lixil’s Satis toilets aren’t just about flushing from a distance. Instead, they also let you remotely lift the toilet seat and even enable a special bidet feature. (As you can see in the video below, some kind of strange rod emerges from the toilet to shoot water into your you-know-what.)

Lixil even says the app can be used to play music through speakers built right into the toilet itself.

So, who’s likely to use these things? Hardcore techies who also happen to be serious germophobes, I’m guessing.

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