Worst Friends Ever Shove Guy Off Boat to Be Eaten by Shark, Laugh About It (VIDEO)

This is what the YouTube description of the above video says:

The reason this is a good prank is because no sane person would ever assume it was coming.

Uh, yeah. You’re damn right no one would ever assume it was coming. What person expects to ever be chilling on a boat with all his friends (or even his worst enemies) and then to suddenly be shoved into the water, right in the path of an oncoming shark? That’s not a “good prank” — that’s straight-up attempted murder!

These people have to be the worst “friends” ever. They nearly kill the poor victim and then they all have a good laugh about it. Sure, teenagers can be cruel and they have a tendency to pile on in situations like this (no one wants to be the one to stand up to the bully), but this is just inexcusable. If I was the victim, I would be punching faces so damn hard — as soon as I caught my breath, that is — and I would be completely justified. I would be biting my lip hard enough to draw blood, just so I could spit it into the water to rile up the shark before throwing my so-called “friends” overboard.

Yet, the guy who almost became lunch for a shark just sits there on the boat trying to laugh the whole thing off. Either he’s trying to deflect attention from the fact that the remnants of his own lunch are suddenly inside his wetsuit, or he’s the most forgiving dude in the world.

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