10 Stupidly Funny Tweets (And Apologies) From Gilbert Gottfried

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Comedian Gilbert Gottfried is best known for two things: his loud, grating, air-slowly-released-from-a-balloon voice, and for pissing off more people via Twitter than Kanye West and Donald Trump combined.

He’s the king of “too soon.”

Prior to his tweeting days, just after the September 11 terrorist attacks, he joked during a roast of Hugh Hefner that his flight back to Los Angeles had to “stop at the Empire State Building first.” Amid hissing and booing, he launched into the legendary Aristocrats joke (none of which can be printed here), and eventually won the crowd over. Some consider it an important turning point in America’s recovery after 9/11 (while many others still surely want to punch Gottfried in his squinty face for it).

In March 2011, amid the tsunami disaster in Japan, Gottfried tweeted a series of jokes that cost him his lucrative job doing the voiceovers as the AFLAC spokesduck.

So he took a somewhat different approach. Now every time he tweets a joke — whether it’s an offensive zinger or a lame, harmless groaner — he offers a mock apology to anyone who may have been offended or hurt.

They’re mostly stupid. But they’re also mostly hilarious, in a so-unfunny-it’s-funny kind of way. His quarter-million followers would agree.

Here are some of the best/worst.


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  1. What’s the difference between Gilbert and such acheivers as Einstein, Copernicus, Gallileo, Mozart, Michaelangelo, DaVinci, and Thomas Edison? Gilbert is funnier! My apologies to any past and present icons of all time that I may have left out.