Yes, That’s the Voice of GLaDOS in the ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Pacific Rim

Giant monsters attack earth. Citizens of earth build giant robots, controlled by humans in special suits, to fight the monsters. Stringer Bell from The Wire gives a stirring speech, informing his soliders that they will be “cancelling the apocalypse.” Director Guillermo del Toro pays tribute to the Japanese mega-monsters and mech genres he loves so much. Sounds like fun, right?

If all that stuff is up your alley, then you’re going to love the trailer for Pacific Rim. Take a look:

Hear anything familiar in that trailer? If you answered GLaDOS from the video game Portal, you win.

Actress Ellen McLain, who provided the voice the Portal’s highly sarcastic antagonist, was hired to perform a similar role in Pacific Rim. Apparently, del Toro was a fan of her work in the game and made a point of hiring her to be the A.I. in his film. Curiously, the audio production team for Pacific Rim seems to have put McLain’s voice clips through almost the exact same audio alteration process that the makers of Portal did. The result is a bit jarring for gamers.

Is McLain going to be the first actress typecast as a computer since Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the voice of all the computers on Star Trek? Perhaps. There are worse things that could happen to an actress, though. Voiceover work is said to be one of the cushiest jobs in America.

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