Jim From ‘The Office’ Is in a Real-Life Prank War With Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Photo credit: NBC

On NBC’s The Office, the character of Jim Halpert is engaged in the most one-sided prank war of all time with co-worker Dwight Schrute. Jim has locked all Dwight’s possessions in a vending machine, tricked him into thinking he was recruited by the CIA for a special mission, fooled him into believing he was becoming a vampire and even convinced him that he was Asian all along — and there are many, many more.

In real-life, the actor who plays Jim, John Krasinksi, also has an affinity for pranks. He just so happens to live next to another known prankster, Jimmy Kimmel, and the two men are engaged in an escalating prank war — one that only occurs during the holiday season.

Krasinski was a guest last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he and the show’s host ran down the list of pranks they’ve pulled on each other. You can see the clip here.

Their prank war began when Krasinksi broke into Kimmel’s house and left two gaudy, animatronic Christmas characters in the living room. Kimmel retaliated by installing a large neon sign on Krasinski’s lawn. Krasinski then buried a fake zombie in Kimmel’s yard (a curious choice, for a Christmas prank).

Kimmel took things to the next level in recent days, installing an enormous, moving reindeer statue in Krasinski’s yard — complete with reindeer droppings on his driveway.

As Kimmel noted, he probably pulled his last prank with too much time before Christmas. Krasinski now has a couple of weeks to figure out how to one-up his neighbor. If the end result is decent — or if someone finally snaps and pulls a truly mean prank — we’ll make sure to bring you photos and video.

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