Shove It, Oprah – These Are Manolith’s Favorite Things From 2012

The Manolith crew got together to run down our favorite things from the year that was. While you don’t get to go home with a buttload of swag after reading this article, like you would if this was Oprah’s Favorite Things, at least we won’t unleash a swarm of angry bees on you.

David Woods

Favorite movie: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I haven’t even seen it yet, but it will be my favorite because I didn’t really like anything else this year, and I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Most hated movie: The Dark Knight Rises (You can read all about why I hated it here.)

Favorite song: I see Kanye West’s “Mercy” on every critic’s best-of 2012 list. It wasn’t even the stand-out song on Cruel Summer for me. I liked “New God Flow” more.

Most hated song: “Glad You Came” by The Wanted. Most forced innuendo ever.

Favorite TV show: Gotta break this one down into comedy and drama subcategories. Parks and Recreation and Game of Thrones, respectively.

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Favorite sports moment: Manchester City’s two goals in injury time to win the Premiership. Still get chills thinking of it. I’m not even a big EPL fan, but I will forever be grateful that I got home from a Sunday morning workout in time to watch the second half of this game.

Favorite new gadget/app: I won’t pretend I didn’t get completely swept up in Draw Something madness back when it was cool. Evernote, Waze and DogCatcher have all made my life easier, too.

Favorite video game: Madden 13

Favorite YouTube clip: Two dudes singing Lionel Ritchie’s “All Night Long (All Night)” literally all night long.

Favorite meme: Grumpy Cat

Favorite new thing I ate: Pork buns at Momofuku Noodle Bar Toronto

Most hated trend: People (sports teams, specifically) making crappy lipsynch/dance videos for popular songs and calling them “covers” or “parodies.” Learn what those words mean, people.

Event I’d like to erase from 2012: It really sucks that the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. The LeBron story would be so much more interesting if he never got a ring.

Colin Hunter

Favorite movie: Looper, surprisingly. In a “meh” year for movies, this punchy little time-travel mindbender was clever (but not too clever), exciting and twisty enough to keep you guessing. Jeff Daniels’ small-but-amazing role was the polar opposite of his part in Dumb & Dumber. Runner-up: Beasts of the Southern Wild, a dreamlike indie film set in a storm-ravaged Louisiana community featuring a five-year-old kid who should beat out all the grown-ups for the Best Actor Oscar.

Most hated movie: The Avengers. Finally got around to watching at the recommendation of friends whose opinions I no longer trust. Even the rat-a-tat of Tony Stark one-liners couldn’t make me enjoy this interminable mess of color and noise.  Hated. It.

Favorite song: “Want it Back” by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra (watch the awesome and slightly NSFW video). Amanda Palmer made history by launching the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever by a musician – she asked for $100,000 and raised $1.2 million. Although it hasn’t been without controversy, this song demonstrates the money was well spent.

Most hated song: “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. This shouldn’t require justification. “But,” one might protest, “it has 190 million views on YouTube! Can 190 million people be wrong?  Yes. Yes they can.

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Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad. Every moment that passes between the mid-season cliffhanger and next summer’s series conclusion is torture. This is what meth withdrawal must feel like.

Favorite sports moment: Oscar Pistorious, South African double-amputee, running in the men’s 400-metre race at the London Olympic Games. Yes, it was controversial, given the speculation that his prosthetic blades give him a leg-up (worst pun ever) over the competition. I don’t care. It was historic and captivating.

Favorite new gadget/app: Fatify. Take a picture of someone and the app turns them into a hideously obese, belching blob of blubber. Useful? No. Hilarious? Yup.

Favorite video game: UFC Undisputed 3 for PS3. After a long day, there’s no better way to unwind than pummeling Anderson Silva’s face into a bloody pulp and hearing Joe Rogan holler “what a knockout” during the slo-mo mouthguard-spewing replay.

Favorite YouTube clip: Although it’s not a new clip, it experienced a resurgence of popularity at the end of 2012, making the rounds of Facebook and Twitter once again. It’s a parrot singing “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”. It wins the Internet.

Favorite meme: Dogshaming. How can you stay mad at a disobedient dog when he looks at you with those baleful, apologetic eyes? Here’s how: you write down the dog’s indiscretion, hang the message around the dog’s neck in Scarlet Letter fashion, and take a picture for posterity. Bad dog! Good meme.

Favorite new thing I ate: Larb. Although it has a strangely unappealing name (say “larb” 10 times fast), larb is pure deliciousness. The national dish of Laos typically includes diced meat, vegetables, toasted rice for a fun crackle, and a sweet-spicy-salty mix of spices. Wrap it up in a crisp lettuce leaf and shovel it into your gaping maw for pure bliss. 

Most hated trend: Trending. Just because everybody’s tweeting about something doesn’t necessarily make it important.

Event I’d like to erase from 2012: The three hours I waited in rapt boredom for that guy to skydive out of a space balloon. Three long hours of staring at a guy sitting in a tin can, with occasional glimpses of people sitting around mission control. Surely the deep-pocketed bigwigs at sponsor Red Bull could have orchestrated something to help us pass the time, like a phony UFO attack (it did happen above Roswell, after all) or a HAL-like voice calmly objecting to the whole endeavor.

James Sheldon

Favorite movie: Beasts of The Southern Wild

Most hated movie: (Hate is strong, but…) The Bourne Legacy was a real disappointment.

Favorite song: “Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You” by Led Zeppelin. Just as good in 2012 as it was when it was released in 1970.

Most hated song: “Gangnam Style”

Favorite TV show: Toss-up between The Walking Dead & Parenthood

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Favorite sports moment: I’ve been waiting all 2012 to see NFL commissioner Roger Goodell go to New Orleans for the Super Bowl in early 2013. Spiteful, I know. I have never liked that guy.

Favorite new gadget/app: Well… I got a smartphone. Pretty proud of myself. I put some apps on it. I rarely use them. Twitter tells me everything I need to know — even when to use the restroom.

Favorite video game: Modern Warfare sessions are family affairs in our household.

Favorite YouTube clip: Something with a cat?

Favorite meme: Smokin’ Jay Cutler

Favorite new thing I ate: Flash-fried rainbow chard

Most hated trend: Dudes in jeggings and/or skinny jeans. Seriously, stop it.

Event I’d like to erase from 2012: The 2012 U.S. Presidential campaigns.

Brandon Dimmel

Favorite movie: Prometheus

Most hated movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Favorite song: “Titanium” by David Guetta

Most hated song: “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye

Favorite TV show: Louie

Favorite sports moment: Peyton Manning signed by the Broncos

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Favorite new gadget/app: iPad Mini

Favorite video game: Halo 4

Favorite YouTube clip: Anything with Louis C.K.

Favorite meme: One Does Not Simply / Have Binders Full of Women

Favorite new thing I ate: Pizza

Most hated trend: Twitter

Event I’d like to erase from 2012: Summer Olympics

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