‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Overcomes All Odds to Actually Look Downright Decent (VIDEO)

The first full-length trailer for next year’s Man of Steel, the Superman reboot from director Zach Snyder, just dropped. Hit play above to check it out.

Pretty good, right? And pretty damn surprising, too.

The odds really looked stacked against this film. The last attempt at a Superman reboot, 2006’s Superman Returns, sucked bad. Superman is just too hokey a character to work in today’s Nolan-ified world of gritty, realistic superhero movies, said pretty much everyone (this author included). Audiences want superheroes that are flawed and vulnerable, like Batman, not nearly invincible, like Superman. This movie was thought to be destined to fail, like so many remakes and reboots have in recent years.

Maybe we were wrong.

A lot of positive momentum is building for Man of Steel. When we first saw the excellent teaser trailer back in July, there was cautious optimism. Now, comic book fans are barely containing their giddiness about this movie:

Photo via YouTube

Still, we’ve seen in the past that it’s possible for a well edited (and well scored) trailer to make a crappy movie look like a potential Oscar-winner. Man of Steel was always going to have great visuals, but it’s the plot that will determine whether it flies or dies.

We’ll find out just how good that plot is when the movie hits theaters on June 14, 2013.

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