Twitter Unveils the 2012 Tweets and Hashtags of the Year

The year is nearly at an end, which means its time for a few weeks of nostalgia about events that happened only a few short weeks and months ago. Remember the election? How cool was that! Obama won, right? I don’t really remember how it all went down — it feels like a million years ago! I wonder what people were saying at the time it was all happening. If only there was some kind of time capsule that captured public sentiment around major public events that occurred during the past calendar year…

What’s that? There is? Awesome!

The people over at Twitter just unveiled, a place to browse though the post popular trending topics of the year, see the tweets that were retweeted the most and generally just waste some time remembering stuff through the incredibly restrictive yet incredibly popular prism of 140 characters.

For example, Twitter declared two tweets as 2012’s “Golden Tweets.” (Two tweets? What happened to just giving out one trophy? They don’t give out two Oscars or two Super Bowl trophies.)

There’s Barack Obama’s famous election night tweet of a photo of him embracing his wife — the tweet that set the world record for most retweets in only a few hours (it sits at over 810,000):

And then, inevitably, there’s Justin Bieber. This tweet about the passing of a young fan was retweeted over 220,000 times by the legion of Beliebers:

The hashtag of the year (other than that baby named Hashtag) in the conversation starters category was #nowplaying, proving the the majority of Twitter users still tweet pointless and self-centered stuff all the time. No one cares what you’re listening to, people.

In the politics category, the top hashtag was #tcot (top conservatives on Twitter), perhaps demonstrating that Twitter wields less political power that some of the “experts” think.

In the tech category, the only thing that was tweeted about more than the new iPhone was the one thing making the new iPhone suck: AT&T (and the company’s dreadful service).

In entertainment, Family Guy was the most-tweeted show (and American Dad was number three — what a year it was for Seth MacFarlane). Think Like a Man edged out The Hunger Games to take the top spot among movies.

In sports, the NFL beat out NASCAR, MLB and the Olympics to take the top spot among Americans. The World Series-winning San Fransisco Giants were the top team and Jeremy Lin (and not Tim Tebow, stunningly) was the most-tweeted athlete.

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