Will Western Kentucky Be the Next (School) To Get Screwed by Bobby Petrino?

Photo via NPR

Bobby “M.F.” Petrino. He’s going back to Kentucky. No, not to Louisville or Lexington — he’s going to Bowling Green and Western Kentucky University. My question for WKU: WTF?

This guy calls for a definitive face-palm.

Louisville certainly thought they had a good one in him — a real keeper. Then the Atlanta Falcons called. Bobby P. told the Louisville A.D. that he wouldn’t take the job. But he did. When Petrino got to Atlanta, the poo-poo hit the fan. A little something known as the Michael Vick dog-fighting scandal. Petrino decided he didn’t sign up to coach under such circumstances, and bailed on the organization mid-season after he was offered the head coaching position at the University of Arkansas.

Petrino became an instant celebrity in Fayetteville, offering offensive firepower that Razorbacks fans had never seen before. He also enjoyed local rock star status, which allowed him to work a little bit on his side-game — playing Sugar Daddy to a graduate assistant and former UofA athlete. You know the rest: motorcycle crash, girl was with him, he lied, he’s an idiot, you reap what you sow. Arkansas fired him, and Bobby P. was left to lick his own wounds.

I genuinely thought it’d be much longer before anyone would touch Petrino, but then, no one can argue with one simple fact: the dude is an offensive genius on the football field. WKU’s head coach, Willie Taggart, left the university on Saturday to coach at South Florida. So if you’re the WKU athletic department, why interview anyone else when Bobby “I’ll-Leave-You-High-and-Dry” Petrino is available?

WKU is a program on the rise, and Petrino’s hiring will definitely aid in bolstering recruits, but you’d be a fool to think this guy is gonna stick around for more than a year or two.

Optimistically, you’d love to hope that such a football mind could get his crap together off the field — but I’m predicting he bails for a better-paying gig within two years. What better way to say thanks to the team offering you a shot at redemption? We’ll see if he’s finally learned a hard life lesson.

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