Appalachian State Player Offers Worst Free Throw Attempt…Ever (VIDEO)

There’s a reason why most teams open and close practice with shooting free throws — often 50 or more per player. Incomprehensibly, there are still dudes who don’t understand how to shoot free throws. Granted, it’s not always entirely their fault. The blame sometimes rests with the coaches who allowed them to dominate with nothing more than raw talent when they were kids, not ever giving consideration to their overall game at the next level.

Anyone — I’ll repeat, anyone — can learn to be a consistently capable free throw shooter. Anyone. I’ve seen it, and experienced it. No, not everyone will stroke from the charity strip like Steve Nash, but 60 percent is achievable for anyone, given enough practice.

Yet, there are always guys out there like Appalachian State’s Brian Okam, who is a solid back-up for the Mountaineers. He proves that poor form can lead to even poorer shots. Let’s consider the video evidence:

“Good lord!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Sure, this free throw attempt was probably a fluke, a random slip-up. It looks like the ball starts to roll off his fingers just as the camera cuts to the attempt, and the ball just sails upward, coming nowhere near the net. This NCAA D-I basketball player can probably get the ball down the 15 foot lane toward the bucket consistently…but maybe not. His shooting form is atrocious. The ball is out to the side of his face. It’s not Shawn Marion ugly, but it’s still pretty ugly. Nobody could fix that issue in all the years this kid has played basketball?

In all fairness to Okam (because we’re all about fairness at Manolith), he did sink the first free throw.

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