Apple Maps Fails Again, Leading Users Deep Into Australian Outback

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Want to be led astray into one of the driest, most inhospitable and venomous-critter-infested landscapes on the planet?  There’s an app for that.

Apple Maps, which launched earlier this year as a would-be competitor to Google Maps, has apparently been sending hapless travelers 40 miles into the Australian outback, thanks to an entire town having been plotted in the wrong location.

Instead of arriving at the grape-farming community of Mildura in northwestern Victoria, drivers guided by their iPhones have ended up in a parched desert where temperatures can soar to 114 degrees. A statement released by the Victoria Police said some people have been stranded for 24 hours and wandered “long distances through dangerous terrain to get phone reception.”

This is only the latest incident in a long list of reported Apple Maps fails, some of which have been relatively harmless and hilarious.

The app reportedly provided the wrong directions for Kennedy and Dulles airports, which could potentially have led (stupid) drivers directly onto the runways of landing jumbo jets.

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Peculiar imaging glitches in the app have created the illusion that several prominent landmarks — such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Sydney’s Anzac Bridge — have melted and plunged into the waters below.

And drivers trying to reach the Riverside Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, by following their iPhone’s directions might have ended up at a supermarket instead.

Apple Maps has been plagued with problems since its launch, sparking an unprecedented apology from CEO Tim Cook a few months ago.

After the latest fiasco, the least Apple can do is release an app that teaches users how to extract drinking water from cacti and avoid scorpion stings.

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