Bill Murray Had a Very Traumatic Entrance on Last Night’s ‘Letterman’ (VIDEO)

Bill Murray was a guest on last night’s Late Show with David Letterman, but he almost didn’t make it to the studio for the taping.

That’s because Murray was kidnapped by a group of surly looking men — American men, to his surprise (did he think he was somewhere in South America or the Middle East?). The goons tied him up in the back of an SUV with a bag over his head before cutting him free, shocking him with a taser and then violently shoving him onto the stage to be interviewed by Letterman. To Murray’s credit, he collected himself and was as charming as ever during his interview.

Of course, one could point out that the whole thing was maybe — just maybe — a stunt, making it another in a long line of hilarious comedy bits perpetuated by one of the funniest men ever. Not so fast. It’s become very clear over the years that Murray lives his life in mysterious ways. You never know what’s real and what isn’t with him.

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