Anonymous Targets HunterMoore.TV in Operation Hunt Hunter (#OpHuntHunter)

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Angered by founder Hunter Moore’s promise to return to the world of posting nude photos and personal details of people without their permission, international hacker / activist group Anonymous has launched an attack to take down the “king of revenge porn.”

It’s a bit of a curious move for Anonymous, as the organization has typically been thought to have close ties with 4chan, a site that isn’t exactly known for its hatred of nude photos (quite the contrary). That said, Anonymous has always had a soft spot for standing up for those who are bullied (especially if cats are involved), so Moore makes a logical target.

The first wave of the attack, codenamed “Operation Hunt Hunter” (#OpHuntHunter, for those who want to follow along on Twitter) is currently under way. It includes an Anonymous standard: the DDoS (distributed denial of service). This phase of the attack is just a smokescreen for the real goal, however.

In a Pastebin post yesterday, an Anonymous operative made it clear that the real goal is to uncover and make public as much dirt on Moore as possible. It sounds like that won’t be particularly hard to do, as Moore doesn’t make much effort to cover up the private details of his life.

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At this point, HunterMoore.TV has been restored and the DDoS no longer appears to be effective. Anonymous claims to have made a full backup of the site during the time they had access to it, though, so scrubbing any incriminating evidence from his servers probably won’t do Moore a lick of good now. Anonymous claims to have discovered photos of Moore engaging in drug use and to have documented proof that he communicates with and plans to post nude photos and personal details of minors.

It’s unlikely that Anonymous will be the group that finally brings Moore to justice in a real-world court of law — evidence obtained via hacking isn’t exactly permissible in court. That’s not really the idea here, though. Perhaps Moore will finally feel enough backlash from the rest of the world to close up shop for good and go back to whatever gutter he woke up in this morning.

To follow along with things are they progress, search the hashtags #OpHuntHunter and #OpAntiBully on Twitter. You can also follow the account @KYAnonymous, where regular updates are posted.


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