Watch This 13-Year-Old Girl Crush 198 Pounds on the Bench Press (VIDEO)

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Want to feel inadequate, guys? If so, this is the video for you. Also, if so, maybe go talk to a therapist or something. Wanting to feel inadequate… that’s a weird state of mind to be in.

In the video below, a 13-year-old Russian girl named Maryana Naumova does a bench press of 198 pounds at the World Powerlifting Congress championship in Las Vegas — a world record for her age group. Ridiculous.

Wow, that’s some serious back arching (which isn’t against the rules — this lift is totally legal — though it should probably be noted that it allows her not to have to bring the bar down as far as she would if she was lying flat). She’s lifting one-and-a-half times her weight — how does she not just snap in half? She doesn’t even look particularly muscular or strong, she just looks like a normal kid. That’s what a phenom looks like, I guess.

What’s up next for Naumova? One would assume she’ll start training for the Olympics. Bench press isn’t an event at the Olympics, but surely her abilities would translate to the snatch or the clean and jerk with some practice.

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  1. That back arch is creepy. Insert inappropriate pedophiliac joke about clean and jerking her snatch.