Is This the Best Rube Goldberg Machine Ever? (VIDEO)

Take a deep breath and then, when you’re ready, hit play on the video above.

Take it all in. Try to wrap your head around what you just saw.

Photo credit: Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

It seems to defy the laws of physics, right? Balls were rolling uphill, items were jumping off the tabletop, boxes were floating in the air and everything was generally acting in stark contrast to how it normally would in the presence of gravity.

My first reaction was to conclude that the video must be in reverse, or that maybe it’s all CGI, but that’s not the case. Everything you just saw happened like you saw it, in real time.

The only tricks here are good, old-fashioned camera tricks — with some magnets thrown in for good measure. Some of the tricks are briefly explained in the short snippets at the end of the clip. Pretty cool, right?

Considering that it’s hard enough to make a compelling Rube Goldberg machine that works, let alone one that wrinkles your brain and makes you question the laws of physics, this just might be the best Rube Goldberg machine ever. It was made by the creative team over at 2D House, a commercial cinematography studio in Toronto. They’ve made a few other pretty decent RG machines in recent years — like this one made of food and cooking utensils.

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