Life-Size Millennium Falcon Under Construction (Wookies Not Included)

life size millennium falcon

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“Yes, I have completely lost my mind.”

At least Chris Lee, the leader of an ambitious and wholly maniacal project to construct a full-scale replica of the Milennium Falcon, understands the implications of what he’s doing.

Lee’s admitted lunacy inspired him to purchase 88 acres of farmland in Tennessee, upon which will sit the 144-foot replica of Han Solo’s iconic smuggling spaceship.

Lucky for him, plenty of other crazy Star Wars superfans from around the world are chipping in to bring the project to fruition, through the site In an interview with the BBC, project contributor Greg Dietrich said he envisions the finished replica to be used as an education tool for school field trips.

The crowd-sourced engineering feat will eventually — the team doesn’t know when, exactly — result in a Millennium Falcon with perfectly accurate dimensions, sound effects, lighting, Djarik (holo-chess) table and everything else.

Well, almost everything. The weapons won’t work, and it won’t fly. Details, details.

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