Nintendo Power Unplugged, Iconic Game Magazine Releases Last Issue

Well, gamers, it’s the end of an era. Nintendo Power has just released its final issue. As of December 2012, the iconic video game magazine is no more.

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Nintendo Power has been in print since the summer of 1988, the Nintendo Entertainment System’s heyday. That year we got Blaster Master, Bionic Commando and my personal favorite, Blades of Steel. In the years that followed, Nintendo Power closely followed Nintendo’s highs and lows, from the superb Super Nintendo to the nearly forgotten Virtual Boy.

There’s no doubt Nintendo Power was the foremost voice when it came to gaming news about the Big N. But arguably, it was also the most respected gaming publication, period, rivaling other major gaming magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) and GamePro.

GamePro ceased publishing its magazine last year, while EGM has slipped to a bimonthly schedule. All three publications have been hugely affected by the spread of the world wide web, where gamers can access news, previews and reviews without paying a dime.

Reports indicate that Nintendo itself had given up on the magazine. One source told Ars Technica that Nintendo was becoming “difficult to work with,” and no longer showed an interest in keeping the publication going.

Although the Internet offers us all a great place to learn about the video game industry, gamers who, like me, grew up in the 1980s and 1990s will admit there was nothing quite like the feeling of opening up a brand new gaming mag.

Nintendo Power, you will be missed.

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