New Xbox 720 Rumor Points to Christmas 2013 Release

The Xbox 720 rumors continue to roll in. A new report suggests the console could, in fact, be ready for release in time for the 2013 holiday shopping season.

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This newest report comes from Bloomberg, which says a knowledgeable source told the publication that Microsoft is getting ready to release a new Xbox later next year.

That same source also reportedly told Bloomberg that Microsoft is still trying to figure out when and where it will announce the newest member of the Xbox video game family. The source indicated Microsoft was leaning towards making the announcement at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, popularly known as E3. E3 will be held in mid-June.

However, there are also rumblings that Microsoft is considering eschewing E3 in favor of holding an standalone event to introduce the world to its next-gen console. Such a move would not be unprecedented, but it would represent a bit of a shake-up to the industry’s traditional model for new product launches.

As usual, Microsoft is remaining mum on the matter.

The big question is not necessarily when Microsoft will announce and release an Xbox 720, but if the company will unveil two Xbox products instead of just one.

Last week’s hottest gaming rumor involved reports that Microsoft is working on a “mini” Xbox 720 capable of streaming video and downloading less demanding games like Limbo or Braid. Such a device would reportedly cost a lot less than a full Xbox 720, which would be able to play next-gen versions of Halo, Gears of War, etc.

In the meantime, the Xbox 360 remains quite popular. Bloomberg reports that Microsoft sold 750,000 units during the Thanksgiving period alone.

So, what do you want from a new Xbox?

Here’s hoping the Bloomberg source starts rolling out information about the device’s hardware specifications, price and an early launch lineup soon.

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4 Responses to New Xbox 720 Rumor Points to Christmas 2013 Release

  1. steven woodend says:

    well on price no more then £300 . it needs to be better then a pc and be a pc too all in one
    as for games it needs to have 100 or more when it come out with 20 top games in that too
    . c/mas is too long august is better or before ps3 comes out put then agn at the same time will bring the pirce dowm alot

  2. no mate its going to be more like £400 on price .
    i dont no why sony and microsoft jusy dont do one next-gen console it will save money and time and i`m sure they make more money in the end

  3. What I want from the next Xbox is all the goodies from the 360…. And then add in more advanced CPU/GPU and through more of the same FPS at it like Gears of utter crap and Halo 4head or just For Head, yeah. Xbox next can kiss my ass…

    • LOL

      Jokes, 😉

      Actually I will be picking up a 720 on launch day. Hope it provides that expected bump up in visuals and performance. Couldn’t hurt to throw in a Blu-Ray player. And a burner would be sweet…

      Able to utilise 4G through tethering Windows Phone (like the Lumia 920) for gaming on the go, like at the beach batch where standard connections are absolute sht…

      Windows 8 as the base operating system lol…Yeah that’s right I said that….

      I would hope it’s smaller than 360 as the real estate for entertainment devices is getting a little bit over the top stupid….

      Then on launch day a new Halo, Gears, COD, Elder Scrolls and maybe even a new Mass Effect….

      Who’s that asking about opinions on the end of console gaming? Couldn’t be further than the truth…