Woman Breaks Arm in Arm Wrestling Charity Event (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing we dudes enjoy, it’s a strong woman who can handle herself. No, I’m not suggesting we’re all into ladies who look like dudes, posing on a stage with leathery skin to the Crayola color #FFA343 — Neon Carrot. I’m talking about ladies who dig sports and aren’t afraid to mix it up a little bit.

Such was the case when Megan “Rogue Scout” Weber entered to compete in a charity arm wrestling competition, hosted by the Delaware Arm Wrestling Lady League. (By the sounds of it, this league is just on the cusp of signing a lucrative network television deal along with the likes of the NFL, NBA and MLB.)

Weber was taking on a competitor known to the public as “Sweet Treats.” They enjoyed a clean first round of competition, and then they switched arms… to Sweet Treats’ strong side.

Warning. The video you’re about to watch is graphic. I give it a pucker factor of 5.7 on a 10-point scale:

Sweet mercy. What’d you think of that!? What’s most impressive about the entire incident is the way Weber reacts. She’s definitely in shock, and you can see the subsequent endorphin and adrenalin rush feed from body to brain — but she remains in straight-up beast mode. I can list five to ten dudes who would have started squealing immediately if that happened to them — me being one of them.

Her injury was diagnosed as a broken humerus. (Feel free to go crazy with puns in the comments section.) Weber is reportedly doing fine, but it’s safe to say that she has at least a few weeks of recovery time ahead of her before she’s back at the arm wrestling table.

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