The People of Kuwait Are Pretty Much Rioting Over Kim Kardashian (VIDEO)

Think Americans are stupid for caring about the life of Kim Kardashian, a woman who offers no value to society and only got famous in the first place because she has a huge ass and had sex with a D-list pop star? Get ready to feel really depressed about the state of the entire world.

This was the scene in Kuwait as Kim Kardashian visited the country to open up a milkshake restaurant, Millions of Milkshakes, in a mall:

Have the citizens of Kuwait been deprived of milkshakes for decades by oppressive rulers or something? I mean, milkshakes are incredible — they might just be the greatest beverage on earth and it’s taking all my willpower to keep writing this article rather than getting up and going to acquire a milkshake at this very moment — but even the “millions” of milkshakes that Kim’s restaurant is touting aren’t enough to warrant this kind of response, are they? This is some Beatlemania-level stuff, but Kim’s talent doesn’t exactly match that of John or a Paul (or even a Ringo).

Also, isn’t the Middle East supposed to be pretty conservative? Don’t get me wrong — I think globalization is a great thing and even those whose life’s work amounts to a crappy sex tape should be safe to visit all nations on earth — I just expected a slightly less welcoming response from the locals.

Maybe milkshakes really are the key to bringing all cultures of the world together in unity.

Photo credit: AFP / Getty Images

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