Rajon Rondo Spoils Record-Breaking Run With Scuffle (VIDEO)

Rajon Rondo was less than 10 games from breaking Magic Johnson‘s streak of 46 consecutive games with 10 or more assists, and he seemed to be well on his way — until he chose to scuffle with Kim Kardashian‘s husband. (Yeah, Kris Humphries and Lady Kanye are still legally married.)

No, we can’t call this a fight. It wasn’t a fight. It was a pushing and shovinge match, rooted in the frustration of the underachieving Celtics. It’s pretty sad when the highlight of a franchise’s season is the potential of breaking an assists record. The Boston Celtics have been playing soft, and their wily point guard was apparently sick of it. The softly play is evident in the video. Look at the foul taken by Kevin Garnett:

Rondo was trying to send a message. Instead, he was ejected, and lost his opportunity to surpass the assists record. But what message could he send? That the Celtics are washed up? That Paul Pierce can only offer greatness occasionally? That Kevin Garnett is gonna fall all over the floor, shoot off-balanced baby J’s and avoid post contact whenever possible?

Then, the embarrassment ensues. The whole team starts shoving Humphries into the crowd, but the team doesn’t even look angry. They just look bored — uninspired.

And the fans begin to chant “Let’s go Celtics! Let’s go Celtics!” Go where? Certainly not very far in the playoffs.

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