Have You Ever Seen a Peruvian Model Get a Concussion? (VIDEO)


Delly Madrid. Are you familiar with that name? Nah. You’ve probably never heard of her. But if you were a Peruvian man? Oh yeah, you’d know this beauty.

While we were busy enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers and long lines at Black Friday sales, Madrid was busy dancing on El Gran Show — a Peruvian variety show with singing, dancing and the kind of chaos that passes for South American entertainment. As the song and dance number began to work into a cultural frenzy, the lovely Madrid was supposed to do a stunt involving a bamboo pole. Then, this happened:

Sweet mercy, that’s one of those head bangers that makes you pucker when you watch it. Face. Plant.


That may not be the highlight of the video. The before and after of the incident are sprinkled with such awesomeness that it makes you wanna book a flight to Peru. For starters, is that a Peruvian dwarf rocking the mic? Nah, I’m not being derogatory. Just setting the scene:

  1. Dwarf.
  2. Model/dancer smashes face into floor.
  3. Group of male dancers wearing white remain upbeat and clueless.

In all sincerity, well-wishes to Miss Madrid for a full recovery. Fortunately, the fall only resulted in some bruising, a rattling of the brain and minor injuries to her cervical spine. She’s wearing a neck brace now and doctors say she’ll be fine.

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