Take This McJob and Shove It: Fast Food Workers Strike in New York

Fast Food strike new york

Photo via Twitter: @jwnychange

New Yorkers might have a tough time grabbing an Egg McMuffin or McCafe brew en route to work this morning.

Workers from dozens of fast food outlets — primarily McDonald’s, but also Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and others — walked off the job in an exceedingly rare non-union strike.

The chief motivation for the walk-out is hardly surprising: “They’re not paying us enough to survive,” burger-flipper Raymond Lopez told Salon.com.

Ya think? The median wage for food service and prep workers in New York City is just shy of nine bucks per hour according to the New York Department of Labor, which is slightly less than it costs to get a decent-sized meal at, say, McDonald’s.

Given the exceptionally high cost of living in New York City, it’s no wonder fast food workers are struggling to make ends meet. They’re hoping the strike will help get their minimum wage bumped to $15 an hour.

Will their protest make a difference? Hard to say.  The corporation isn’t known to be as jovial and accommodating as its iconic spokesclown, Ronald.

At the very least, the strikers may score a moral victory by their public display of discontent, as long as New Yorkers can go a day without McNuggets.

Ba-da-bum-bum-bum, they’re protestin’ it.

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