Is Arkansas Trying to Buy Les Miles From LSU?

Image via CBS Sports

This is what happens when NFL owners meddle with NCAA schools. And it’s sad. And it’s typical of who I’m about to accuse.

This move reeks of Jerry Jones. Yes. The same Jerry Jones that you make fun of every week when the Dallas Cowboys play. Quick question: Where did Jones play his college ball? You got it: The University of Arkansas.

Only Jerry Jones would be so brash as to push the Arkansas boosters into offering a five-year, $27.5 million contract to LSU coach Les Miles, who just signed a seven-year extension with LSU a year ago. And the fact that this is allowed within NCAA rules? Yep. It’s pretty stank. There are a lot kids’ career desires at stake.

Both sides have denied that this contract was offered, but we can chalk that up to plausible deniability. In all probability, the offer is on the table. So, let’s break it down.

Arkansas has offered Miles big money. In turn, Miles would have to leave LSU, a team that will be a pre-season Top-5 in 2013 and possess another legitimate shot to play for a BCS Championship. He would have to leave a turnkey operation to rebuild a program in Fayetteville, Arkansas. And then he would have to play his former team to finish each and every season in a rivalry game known as “The Battle for The Boot”. Is that worth the coin?

Sorry, Jerry. And sorry, Arkansas fans — I just don’t see it happening. But many thanks to Dictator Jones for the endless entertainment.

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