Smoking Makes You Stupid Too (If it Doesn’t Kill You First)


Photo via Science Daily

The dangers of smoking are almost too numerous to list anymore.

But apparently you can add late-onset stupidity to the tally.

A new British study suggests wheezy, rusty-toothed smokers over the age of 50 tend to exhibit a faster-than-normal decline in cognitive abilities.

This is kind of a no-brainer (pun intended but somewhat regretted). Smoking deteriorates the body, and the brain is part of the body. Badda-bing: smoking affects the brain. Note: the scientists behind the study didn’t summarize their conclusions with the term “badda-bing,” but perhaps they should have.

There’s also some evidence, incidentally, that smokers on average aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer to begin with. And another study showed a typical male smoker’s brain functions with roughly the same acuity as that of a non-smoker 10 years his senior.

To summarize, the bad news: smoking can accelerate the inevitable decline in brain function associated with getting older.

The (sort of) good news: smoking drastically decreases your chances of getting older.

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