Is This the Scariest Hidden Camera Prank Ever Pulled? (VIDEO)

elevator ghost prankThe beauty of a good hidden camera prank is capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions of people put in confusing or awkward situations.

The unsuspecting dupe squirms for a while, then feels a cathartic joy when the pranksters reveal the locations of cameras in a nearby van with tinted windows or behind a two-way mirror.

We, the audience, chuckle and wonder how we would react if unwittingly put in the same situation.

It’s probably safe to assume that most of us, if put in one situation concocted by Brazilian prank show Programa Silvio Santos, would thoroughly crap ourselves and henceforth require a lifetime of psychiatric counseling.

Victims of this particular prank were asked to step into an elevator, in which the lights soon start to flicker. For many people inclined toward claustrophobia, that ominous suggestion of getting stuck in an elevator would be scary enough. But then, under the cover of darkness, a ghostly girl clutching a doll — the quintessential Japanese horror trope — emerges from a hidden panel and begins wailing like a banshee.

Funny? Maybe. Torture? Maybe.

Almost as creepy: the canned laugh track that seems almost entirely made up of children — presumably evil Japanese ghost children.

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2 Responses to Is This the Scariest Hidden Camera Prank Ever Pulled? (VIDEO)

  1. Man. Did you see the last guy? What a pansy!

  2. real funny until some dies