Is Notre Dame Football Truly Deserving of a BCS Title Shot?

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Congratulations to the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame on capping an undefeated regular season. While I’m sincere in offering that congratulations, here’s a question for you, college football fans:

Do you believe Notre Dame is really the best team in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision competition?

Of course not. Not unless you’re a Notre Dame alumni, a resident of South Bend, Indiana, or a die hard fan who only watches Notre Dame football.

I certainly won’t be making any friends of Notre Dame fans for stating the following, but Notre Dame, even at 12-0, does not deserve a shot at the BCS National Title.

Let’s analyze this, so our fellow golden hats can see the light.

Notre Dame is a conference independent. This means it chooses which teams it wants to play and when it wants to play them. The Irish played three formidable opponents out of 12 games: Stanford, Oklahoma and USC — a 7-4 Trojans squad without Matt Barkley.

The teams Notre Dame played in between these formidable foes: cream puffs. A good win over an absurdly overrated Michigan State team? bust out the champagne. A 7-point win over Michigan? We all remember what Alabama did to Michigan. Wins over the colossal disappointment (and NCAA-sanctioned) Miami, Wake Forest, Boston College and, lest we forget, the triple overtime victory vs. Pitt? Not exactly wins that set the college football world on fire.

So, I beg, where are the real opponents? Not one SEC opponent on the schedule. Not even Vanderbilt, Kentucky or Tennessee. Obviously, Notre Dame is hesitant to schedule one of the top squads — that’s understandable. But no legitimate ACC team on the schedule, either? Surely Florida State would have loved a battle of golden hats. I’m sad that the Irish didn’t even schedule Louisville — a school bordering its own home state.

When I look through the BCS Top 10 and see six SEC squads in the mix, all of which would be favorites in head to head match-ups with Notre Dame, I refuse to buy the Fighting Irish as a legitimate No. 1. Maybe No. 3. If Notre Dame played in an actual BCS conference, then by all means put them on the temporary throne. Even if Notre Dame played in the Big (L)East Conference, I’d sing a different tune. But for an independent? Never. No Navy, Army, BYU or Notre Dame. Join a conference, already!

Do you know why all the coaches are voting Notre Dame No. 1? Because they believe the Fighting Irish to be the best team in FBS? Let’s not be naive. It’s strategy, folks.  No coach outside of the SEC wants see another All-SEC championship game. There is only one way to make that happen — ensure Notre Dame is playing the final game of the season.

Have fun in Miami, Notre Dame fans. It has been too long since we’ve heard the Victory March on a grand stage. I mean that sincerely. Brian Kelly is a solid football mind and you’ll enjoy the first quarter-plus. But once the scripts are set aside, and play becomes about adapting between the lines, this game will crown the SEC for a 7th straight title.

Am I wrong? Let’s hear some opposition.

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9 Responses to Is Notre Dame Football Truly Deserving of a BCS Title Shot?

  1. Brian from STL says:

    Haha. Troll.
    Sorry your ‘blog’ sucks and you need some controversy to up the hits…
    One question: Did you do ANY research for this piece?
    Oh and if you want to start talking about schedules: trying playing teams from the FBS…FL Atlantic and Western Kentucky, pretty tough sledding there boyo!

    • People always hate on Notre Dame, whether they are doing great or terrible in the rankings. Regardless of what this guy says, I’m pretty sure there will always be some person that will think that Notre Dame doesn’t DESERVE a shot at the BCS title regardless of their record or the teams ability. If they have an undefeated season and the right teams lose at the right time, ND’s goin to teh Rose Bowl regardless of what you think.

      For example, I don’t think you really deserve a blog……but here we are.

  2. So, at the end of the season rankings, ND played and beat 3 top 25 teams – Oklahoma (11), Stanford (8), and Michigan (19). Alabama played 3 top 25 teams – Michigan (19), LSU (7), and Texas A&M (9) and only beat 2. Georgia played 2 top 25 teams South Carolina (10) and Florida (4), and they only beat 1 of those.

    So, if we are looking at schedule, it is hard to argue that ND doesn’t deserve it’s place. All teams have close games, some manage to find a way to win, some don’t. ND did for 12 games. They weren’t pretty wins, but that doesn’t matter. They play a style that doesn’t put up huge, flashy points, but they also don’t give up much either, averaging just over 10 points per game allowed.

    I suppose we will find out if they are “real” or not in January.

  3. I agree with the previous posts. You purport to present a reasoned argument, but it is not supported by the facts. Once the SEC starts playing real non-conference teams and wins, then maybe SEC will live up to the hype. Nice try though. Until then, please keep your trap shut so I don’t link back here from google news and waste more time.

  4. I’m going to echo some points already made, but I hope James Sheldon actually reads these, because this article is not based in any fact and I think we all deserve a sincere and reasonable response from someone who would post an article like this and consider it legitimate sports journalism.

    Of course I’m a Notre Dame fan, but I’m not being irrational here…

    ND beat more currently bowl eligible teams (9) than Georgia and Alabama combined (7). They also beat the same amount of current BCS ranked teams (3) as Georgia and Alabama combined.

    So why don’t they deserve to be there? I’m sincerely asking you James Sheldon. Is your argument against them that they won some of their games by a small margin? There is a lot to be said about finding a way to win, and style point just don’t count. They just don’t.

    As for your comment, “Obviously, Notre Dame is hesitant to schedule one of the top squads — that’s understandable”, how does that makes sense? First of all the schedules are set years in advance. Secondly, ND had two teams on their schedule that were pre-season ranked #1 in their conference, and one of those teams was ranked #1 in the country. Teams like Michigan, Michigan State and Miami that disappointed this year are typically pretty solid squads, so again I am failing to see your argument.

    Again this isn’t a screaming match by any means, just let me know your thoughts James Sheldon. Respond to what I wrote: ND has more wins over bowl-eligible teams than UGA and Alabama COMBINED, and has as many wins over BCS ranked teams than UGA and Alabama COMBINED. How else could they earn their spot?


  5. what’s with this conference fetish? conferences have weak teams and strong teams. why is playing in a conference more impressive than scheduling what looked to be the toughest slate of opponents for the year?

    are you jealous that your team isn’t on TV often enough?

    ND played a tough group of opponents. ignoring “the” OSU, ND is the only team that beat them all. forever, polls have focused first and foremost on W-L record, and ND has the best.

    if ND should beat Ala or Ga in the BCS game, many — perhaps including you — will doubt their worthiness. some people can’t think straight, on some questions.

  6. You smoke crack cocaine if you think Alabama has had a harder schedule than Notre Dame. Georgia’s schedule isn’t even worthy of discussing. Why both got to play 7 home games I won’t get into either. We beat more bowl eligible teams than the two combined and remained undefeated.

    If another team wanted to be no.1, then they shouldn’t have lost a game. 12-0… Again 12-0. If other teams are better then why did they lose a game? There’s an unbelievable amount of bitterness out there with teams like Florida, K state, and Oregon being written out the championship because of just 1 loss. Good teams win. Lesser teams lose.

    With the offensive explosion of the last couple years people can’t wrap their head around the idea that a team like ND, not based on just out scoring their opponents, can win. SEC and Pac-12 teams have adopted an almost basketball like mentality in football. Just score, score, score. That’s why most QBs drafted in the last 5 or 6 years are struggling in the NFL. They’re playing teams with tough defenses and can’t handle it. They’ve never dealt with it before. All these good teams with 1 loss have all lost to teams that played tough fundamental defense. The Irish play defense. Win or lose, if Bama or Georgia thinks they’re gonna put up those 40 or 50 points they’re accustomed to doing this season against the Irish, think again. USC put up 51 points against no. 2 Oregon at the time, win or lose, win in this case for Oregon, I think a team that gives up 51 points never deserved to be ranked that high to begin with. Don’t be bamboozled by these big numbers. More evidence that SEC elites play way more than their fair share of scrub teams with the numbers they put up. The entire way teams are ranked has to be re-evaluated. Shit teams that are in the SEC are given higher prestige just because the conference they play in, so victories over them mean more for some reason.

    Notre Dame are the anti-heros of college football, we won it our way, outside the style of modern gun slinging college football, and did it with the analysts and pundits, and “experts” crapping all over us all season long. Notre Dame couldn’t find any love in whorehouse. Here we are 12-0, still having to defend ourselves. I pay respect to Bama, however. If there’s one team I think could beat Notre Dame it is Alabama.

  7. Absolutely correct. Notre Dame is a solid team but to make Alabama -Georgia have essentially a playoff game to play ND is absurd. Those 2 plus Oregon and KState are both better than ND. They played no one!

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