Mark Sanchez Fumbles in the Funniest NFL Play of the Year (VIDEO)

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If one play could sum up the entire 2012 season for the New York Jets and starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, it would be this one.

It’s a play that will surely fill television and computer screens over and over again this morning — and again at the end of the year, when sports shows compile their “best of 2012” lists. Playing in a nationally televised primetime game in front of a nation of turkey-stuffed football fans, Mark Sanchez derped harder than any football player has derped in a long, long time.

With his team trailing the Patriots in the second quarter, Sanchez took a snap under center and turned to hand the ball off to his running back. The only problem? His running back had no idea he was supposed to take a handoff. Trying to make the most of a broken play, Sanchez tried to sprint upfield to gain as much yardage as he could. For a reason known only to Sanchez and God, however, he neglected to look where he was running.

BAM. Sanchez raced face-first into the ample rear end of teammate Brandon Moore. He went down like the proverbial sack of potatoes, fumbling the ball and allowing the Patriots to score an easy defensive touchdown.

Football plays don’t get any funnier than this, folks, so drink it in:

For those of you who prefer your football follies in GIF form, we’ve got you covered, too:

Photo via: SBNation

To make things even worse, on the very next play the Jets again fumbled the ball into the hands of a Patriots defender who returned it for a touchdown. The Pats went on to annihilate the Jets by a score of 49-19.

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