How to Avoid a Shark Attack: Act Aloof (PHOTOS)

You know what giant, hungry sharks hate? Smugness. Totally spoils their appetites.

Or so it would appear, judging from a set of amazing pictures snapped by underwater photographer Daniel Botelho, who seems to have discovered that the best way to prevent yourself by getting gobbled by a toothy great white is to adopt a blasé air of indifference.

“So you’re a gargantuan, prehistoric apex predator, are you? Meh.”

Amazing shark photo

“Shark schmark.” (Photo credit:

Shark attack

“Shark? Golly, wow.” (Photo credit:

Great white shark

“Keep swimming, whitey. Nothing to eat here.” (Photo credit:

Botelho may indeed be onto something. Check out this actual documentary footage of what happens when you freak out and make a big scene in the presence of a shark.

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