College Basketball Player Drops Record 138 Points in a Game (VIDEO)

A single player missing 56 shots in a college basketball game — that has to be the worst game anyone has ever played, right?

Wrong. It was the best.

Photo credit: Grinnell College Athletics

A Division III guard for Grinnell College in Iowa, Jack Taylor, just set a new NCAA scoring record by putting 138 points on the board in his team’s recent 179-104 win over Faith Baptist Bible College. The performance made the old record of 113 points look positively anemic.

Taylor took ball-hogging to new levels and threw up a stunning 108 shots from the field, draining 52 of them, in 36 minutes of play. That’s three shots for every minute he was on the court. He was 27 of 71 from three-point range.

“I felt like anything I tossed up was going in,” Taylor told the Associated Press after the game.

The Grinnell Pioneers are known for their unique offense, which features a lot of press and three-point attempts. In fact, the school has led the NCAA in scoring 17 of the past 19 seasons. Taylor, a recent transfer, is a perfect fit for coach David Arsenault’s system.

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was asked about Taylor’s performance after a recent NBA game and he had nothing but praise for the Division III player. “That’s crazy, man,” said Bryant. “I don’t care what level you’re at. Scoring 138 points is pretty insane.”

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