10 Twinkies Going for Almost $5,000 on eBay (with a Free Wii U Thrown In)

Even though we learned yesterday that Hostess has reached a deal with its striking union to begin mediation and avoid a complete shutdown — meaning the company will continue to produce its sugary snacks as usual — the news has been slow to spread and people are still concerned that they won’t be able to get their hands on their beloved Twinkies in the future.

An enterprising eBay vendor by the name of “awright1118” decided to take advantage of this snack panic and auction off a 10-pack of Twinkies. The opening bid? Nearly $5,000, or $500 per individual Twinkie.

That’s a heck of a lot of money for some cream-filled sorta-cakes.

Upon closer inspection, the ludicrous starting bid might have a bit more to do with the fact that the auction details stipulate that the winning bidder will also receive a free Wii U:

Photo credit: awright1118 on eBay


Despite some less-than-stellar reviews, missing features and claims that the product is overpriced, the Wii U is the hottest gadget on the market this holiday season (other than the iPad Mini, at least). Customers have had a very hard time getting their hands on Nintendo’s newest console, leading some to turn to eBay.

Though some are paying more for the Wii U on eBay than they would have to in a retail store, no one’s paying $5,000 (yet). Considering that Twinkies aren’t going extinct like we all thought they were last week, it’s unlikely that a 10-pack of the treats is going to be enough to convince any bidders to bite on this particular auction.

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One Response to 10 Twinkies Going for Almost $5,000 on eBay (with a Free Wii U Thrown In)

  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    This is classic America for you. The fact that there are two HUGE food service providers (ConAgra and Bimbo) already competing for Twinkies means that we’ll barely know they were ever missing.

    And people will say, “I thought Twinkies were extinct” or something along those lines of intelligence. SMH.

    You’d think that Americans would be more concerned about ConAgra scoring the deal as to not lose another major brand to Mexico… but that sugar embargo is killing the providers of all this delicious junk food, and sugar is still plentiful south of the border.