Robot Sightings Signal Apocalypse — or a Clever Stunt (VIDEOS)

The war with the machines is clearly afoot.

Robots of all varieties have been spotted rolling, bleeping and blooping through several Californian locales lately. They’re crossing intersections, getting on subway trains and, presumably, becoming self-aware. Check it out:

If The Matrix taught us anything (note: it didn’t), we humans will soon be shaved bald, equipped with USB ports in our skulls and immersed in pods of pinkish goo, doomed to serve as living batteries for our mechanical overlords.

Or here’s another, perhaps even more plausible, theory: the robot sightings are all part of an elaborate (but not overly elaborate) publicity stunt.

The “sightings” have all been posted on the same YouTube channel, which is conveniently linked to the Brilliant Machines Tumblr and corresponding Twitter account.

So maybe, just maybe, the robot invasion is the clever creation of a film studio or ad agency attempting to start a viral phenomenon. After all, Transformers 4 is in the works.

Regardless of its origins or motivations, the robot invasion schtick might indeed spawn copycats in more cities, which would fine with us since the mere notion of spotting an android hailing a cab is unequivocally wonderful.

Then again, without any definitive proof to the contrary, we must concede that a bona fide robopocalypse could indeed be upon us.  If that’s the case, we welcome our new robot overlords — and request a mercifully quick death via photon cannon.

For now, check out the bots:

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