British Trick-or-Treaters Get the Treat of Their Lives On Halloween: Cocaine

Photo credit: US DEA

Plenty of people refer to cocaine as nose candy, but no one means it literally.

A complete idiot in England accidentally treated his new baggy of coke as a sugary snack, though. In a moment of unadulterated boneheadedness, he gave it out to the trick-or-treaters that came to his house on Halloween.

Reuters reports that a 23-year-old Brit named Donald Junior Green scored a bit of coke on Halloween and was carrying his precious stash (which included eight small bags, or about US$320 worth of the good stuff) in his pockets. When some costumed kids under the age of 10 rang his doorbell, Green panicked a bit and reached into his pockets to find some candy to hand out. Instead of candy, he ended up dropping his stash into the kids’ bags.

It didn’t take Green long to realize his drugs were gone and all that was left in his pockets was candy of the sugar variety. He raced out onto the street to try to find the kids and reclaim his coke, but they were already back home unloading their goody bags.

The kids just so happened to have a father who’s a police officer and it didn’t take him long to recognize the illegal substance mixed in with the candy. He quickly called his co-workers and they investigated, discovering that it was Green who accidentally handed it out.

Green was just sentenced to community service and a small fine (totaling less than he paid for the coke). Perhaps the judge decided that the embarrassment of being the dunce who gives away his stash to young kids was punishment enough.

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