Nintendo TVii Absent at Wii U Launch, Delayed Until December 2012

Nintendo’s Wii U shipped to retailers for the first time this past weekend, but noticeably absent from the system was its much-anticipated TVii service. Unfortunately, it seems TVii won’t be available to Wii U owners until December.

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Nintendo TVii was first revealed in September at a New York City event. It’s an application that gives users the ability to peruse a media library filled with all kinds of TV shows, movies, and sports programs.

TVii users navigate all of this programming using their Wii U gamepad. The coolest thing about the service: while users watch shows on their television, they can interact with other viewers by using the Wii U’s gamepad to upload comments. TVii also features complete integration with Facebook and Twitter.

The service is supported by cable and satellite providers and also links to popular streaming media services like Netflix and Hulu. Nintendo says that Wii U owners won’t have to purchase any special hardware (other than the Wii U itself).

The downside: those people who want TVii will have to sign up for a subscription. Right now it’s not clear how much that subscription will cost.

Originally it had been hoped that TVii would launch alongside the Wii U this past weekend. Its absence is expected to have a small though noticeable impact on the Wii U’s early sales.

Now, Nintendo says that TVii will come sometime in December 2012, though the firm has not provided a specific date for when the service will officially go public.

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