Stressed Out? Pop by the Bubble Wrap Shelter (PHOTOS)

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Among the many ways to relieve pent-up stress, one of the most gratifying (and guilt-free) is squeezing the individually inflated nubbins on a sheet of bubble wrap until you get a cathartic pop.

With this in mind, a street artist named fra.biancoshock (don’t tell his mom that) has transformed a Milan bus shelter into a one-stop depot for instant stress relief.

The artist affixed strips of bubble wrap to the shelter in three distinct sizes: a napkin-sized sheet for a three-minute quick-fix, a letter-sized segment for a five-minute session, and an expanse the size of a throw pillow for the full 10-minute Zen treatment.

The idea is as brilliant as it is simple, and way more socially responsible than smashing a bus shelter, which seems to be the stress-reliever of choice for many.

Although fra.biancoshock doesn’t seem to encourage this, we presume it’s also delightfully stress-reducing to lay all the sheets of bubble wrap directly onto the path of an oncoming bus. Come to think of it… I have to go try something.

stress relief

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