Ingress Is Coming: Google Attempts to Create a Worldwide Augmented Reality Game

Google’s mysterious Niantic Labs has just released the above video, introducing the world to something called Ingress. Though details about the project are still scarce, we know that Ingress is a highly ambitious project with the goal of creating an augmented reality game that will be played by users around the world.

So, in other words, all Google is doing is trying to radically change the future of gaming. Ho hum.

The Ingress trailer above reveals that the game’s players will be split into two groups: the Enlightened and the Resistance. One group has the power and attempts to keep it, while the other tries to take it away. Exactly what that entails remains to be seen, but we can make an educated guess based on what the trailer reveals.

It looks like the basic idea of the game is that there are portals on earth — in actual locations that you can get to using Google Maps — that release an energy force. These portals can’t be seen unless you have an Android phone, of course (how convenient). By walking around in the real world, something that’s probably quite unfamiliar to many gamers, players can collect power/points/something yet-to-be-unveiled and further the cause of their team.

Can Google convince Android-equipped gamers to play a game that involves not only leaving the house, but racing around their city, following maps to invisible power-ups? If so, the company just might change how we think about video games entirely.

Ingress is invite-only at this time. To request an invite, go here.

Photo credit: Niantic Project

Photo credit: Niantic Project

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