Brandon Marshall Is Oblivious, Tweets Photo of a Dude’s Bare Cheeks

Not many players from the University of Central Florida have gone on to become NFL stars, but Brandon Marshall is certainly one of the biggest names. The Bears wide receiver is enjoying a career renaissance this year, now that he’s catching passes from his old buddy, Jay Cutler, once again. Marshall has seven touchdowns in nine games and has looked at times like one of the game’s elite wideouts.

Marshall is thankful for his time at UCF and the feeling is mutual. Earlier today, Marshall tweeted a photo of a package he received from UCF while hard at work at the Bears’ facility in Chicago:

Inside the package was UCF gear, which Marshall couldn’t resist modeling for all his Twitter followers. He put it on and snapped a picture, which he posted just minutes after his tweet about the package:

Photo credit: @BMarshall on Twitter

Notice anything funny going on in that picture? If you’re like the hundreds of Marshall’s followers who immediately started laughing and retweeting the picture, you see the bare cheeks (or should I say Bear cheeks?) in the back. That’s one of Marshall’s Chicago teammates and it’s safe to say that he was unaware of the photoshoot going on at the other side of the locker room.

Marshall was equally oblivious to the fact that a nude dude was standing behind him as he tried to look all swaggy. He figured it out pretty quickly, though. Within minutes, he deleted the tweet and posted this apology:

All in all, very little harm is done. Even the guy whose butt is now on the Internet comes across looking pretty good — that’s a heck of a physique.

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