Jets Starter Says Tim Tebow is Terrible? Haters Gonna Hate

Photo: NY Daily News

The anonymous New York Jets starter who recently called backup quarterback Tim Tebow “terrible” must have confused the name “Tebow” with the word “we’re.”

Well, anonymous Jets starter, guess what? If Tebow is terrible, then it means he’s on the right team, because your team as a whole is terrible. Mark Sanchez, regardless of what you see in practice, is terrible. And though we don’t know who you are, anonymous source, how’s your defensive production? I know it’s not any good, because your defense is terrible.

As a football fan, you just have to love the implosion of the hapless New York Jets. This team sucks. They have no identity and are clueless as to what a football team is supposed to look like or how the game is supposed to be played. After all the grandiose chatter, it seems reality has hit hard.

This team has no excuse. None. Look at the difference between the Jets and an organization like the New Orleans Saints. Both surrounded by a media circus. One rises to the occasion, the other goes belly up. It is a direct reflection of leadership.

As it stands, there are apparently a lot of guys cowards in the Jets locker room who would rather lose every game than win with Tim Tebow as the starter. While I’m no Tebow fanboy, I certainly don’t understand all of the hate. What other team openly trashes their backup quarterback? Exactly. Only the New York Jets.

And it’s not only Tebow. They dismiss Greg McElroy as if he just wandered in off the street as well. My admiration for Tebow lies in the fact that he always stays above this crap. He seems just as blue collar as the Jets’ fan-base.

People want to see Tebow play. Can you blame them? What other team at 3-6 isn’t curious about their backup quarterback? But, that feeling is apparently not hared by those the Jets’ locker room. Not when an anonymous starter is balls-less enough to rip Tebow by stating that he’s “terrible.”

Jets brass should fire Rex Ryan now, start Tebow and give the fans what they want.

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