Is Hope Solo Crazy?

Hope Solo leaving a courtroom after Jerramy Steven’s bail hearing.
(Photo: Joshua Trujillo, AP)

First of all, nobody said crazy was a bad thing. When that energy is focused? Sweet mercy — crazy can equate to pure potential.

When it’s not, though…

We know that Hope Solo has a mouth on her. You can look in those eyes and see that she’s definitively feisty. She’s a very talented goalkeeper, and she’s got legions of fans — ranging from the tween girl demographic to the 19- to 34-year-old dudes who’d love to experience “everything” that the soccer star has to offer.

Jerramy Stevens, former NFL tight end, was one of those 19- to 34-year-old men who got lost in the tractor beam of Solo’s eyes. And after dating for two months — yep, you read that right, two months — the couple applied for a marriage license last Thursday. Apparently, they were to be married Tuesday (yesterday). Unfortunately, Stevens ended up in the clink after the happy couple was involved in an altercation.

According to police reports, there was some pre-nuptial partying on Monday night. There was an altercation between several uninvited guests, and allegedly between Solo and Stevens. He was released from police custody early on Tuesday due to insufficient evidence.

Now you’re up to speed.

Let’s review. They had been dating for two months. Really!? Two months!? She’s an international soccer star who could probably score a date with anyone, and she’s opting for NFL failure Jerramy Stevens and committing to a marriage after 60 days?

There are a few things you can learn here, Manolithers:

1. You never combine bachelor/bachelorette partying the night before a wedding.

2. If you’re partying like this the night before you’re supposed to get married, you’re not ready to get married. Do yourself a favor and take a breath. Reconsider.

3. If these two kiss, make up and proceed with their plans, it’s official: Hope Solo is crazy.

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